Here are some ideas on how to decorate an office on the mezzanine. Sometimes the project is difficult because of limited space . However, with the right tips you can design an area that can best represent your personality, enhance the architectural style of the whole and ensure functionality.

Since most of the loft which houses a loft features high ceilings, it is worth to emphasize this feature, catching it in your office space. Add suggestive of lamps, rice paper making from the floor, to increase the effect of vertical. Do not put too bulky furniture: opt for a desk with a transparent surface that will be the focal point.

When you choose the color of the walls, avoid white. Depending on the type of mood you want to set, opt for shades that you can engage emotionally and psychologically. If you’re looking to increase your energy level, propensity towards the reds and purples. For a feeling of tranquility and peace, the green light in shades of blue.


If you have corners or shelves carved into the walls, get them out the best from the point of view of architecture as well as functional. A very original idea is to place a chair futon in a recessed area, or better yet, install a flat screen TV on the wall, which add dimension to the room. Also, it can exploit such as overhead projector, one very useful tool for the office.

Select ergonomic furniture and design. Create a seating area away from the desk with a sofa or two armchairs and a coffee table for less formal moments. The highest position is not conducive to a good air circulation. To remedy this, you can install a ceiling fan. Soften the furniture with a few plants: papyrus and bamboo will be perfect.

A maze with a design from the Asian flavor, combining the strength of the minimal to the beauty of simplicity. Focused on a few pieces, but of great quality. Choose them with a glossy finish and detailed for cuts, typical of traditional Chinese design. A desk in ivory with silver accents give the study a new light. In the relaxation area, enter a low table and complete it with pillows on the floor. Do not forget to dress up the walls with a series of linear paintings, framed in carved wood, or, for a nice contrast style, with frames in brushed steel.