The bedroom is the room preferred by those who have had a hectic day and stressful. Precisely for this reason, the bedroom should serve as a relaxation area . To consider our bedroom a relaxation area must be large. We need a large bedroom and spacious. A large bedroom may contain, in fact, the walk-in closet and a bathroom. Let’s find out, through this guide, how to decorate bedroom.

how to decorate bedroom

In the area in the bathroom can get two environments. The first, largest, which houses the sink and large bathtub, maybe tub. We can furnish this environment with reclining chairs to relax with background music and candles. The smaller environment instead welcomes health. The bathroom becomes a real spa. A spa right inside our bedroom . The watchword for the decor of the bathroom in the bedroom is “environmentally friendly”. Everything from the choice of materials to water systems, must aim at sustainability. The low consumption of water and energy, as well as protecting the environment, allows us a significant cost savings. The shades of furniture fall in a range that varies from white to beige. We opt for furniture to furnish very geometric with linear profiles. If instead of the bathtub we shower, we say goodbye to the old plates porcelain shower. Their aesthetic is really questionable. The flooring continues into the shower eliminating all limits, the only partition becomes the glass container with metal profiles almost invisible. If space allows him to, we can insert into the bathroom in our bedroom even a small sauna . Nowadays even the radiators are furnishing. Have become in effect design objects. There is nothing more enjoyable in the winter season that dry your face with warm towel.

Given the large size of the bedroom can provide for the insertion of an angle for the make up. Right from the past in the bedrooms were the furniture toiletries . Nowadays toilet becomes a multifunctional mobile. Is used to store the bijou, tricks, hair accessories and also as a real desk. The preferred style for the restroom is the total white.