Fun ideas for decorating the tree with little money: popcorn and lollipops, scraps of cloth, woolen pompoms are affordable decorations.

When Christmas comes, the house takes on a special color, the decor is complemented with motifs characteristic of these parties and, of course, essential to the Christmas tree , which, though undoubtedly the natural are the nicest, most opt for artificial trees. However, although the latter will last a lifetime and represent savings, pollute more to create non-biodegradable waste. You can decorate Christmas trees in a different way than usual, with original decorations and fun details that can be done at home, from everyday things without spending too much.

Christmas decorations everyday

The ornaments that can be used are tapes of any packaging, colored paper, scraps of fabric , pineapples caught in the field and even candy and trinkets that if hung endure to the end, will provide a reward to children when you are done party.


How to decorate a Christmas tree with candy

# With a large needle threaded with wool crimp popcorn to make several long strips. Placing instead of tinsel.
# To hang the tree lollipops with colorful ribbons, first cut as many strips of the same size as lollipops are going to hang.
# Knot the ribbon on the end of the stick of candy. Then cutting the tape in half and open it in two until the knot. Using scissors, push the tapes so that they curl slightly, carefully tie the tree, and got a Christmas ornament for original and very sweet.

How to decorate a Christmas tree with wool pompoms

# It’s about making wool pompoms colors and use them as balls for the tree.
# Cut two cardboard round, the bigger they are, the greater the pompom, and were drilled another circle in the center.
# They meet and pass the strands of yarn around the cardboard, from center to edge.
# Cut the yarn between the two boards, and with a long cord, so you can hang the pompom tree, there are few laps between cardboard and tied with knots.
# Cartons are removed and the pompom is perfect.

Other good ideas for decorating the Christmas tree

# Make big bows on the branches of the tree with gift ribbons, scraps, etc.
# Take pine cones and leaves, let dry, paint or colored glitter and decorate the tree with them.
# Use auctions trimmings: tassels, rosettes, etc. Instead of balls, and colored cord to replace the tinsel.
# Matchboxes packed with wrapping paper of many colors.
# Crochet rosettes made simulating the shape of a snowflake.
# Candied fruit pieces with egg white and sugar well.
# Combine nuts with the shell with dry leaves in various shades of colors.

A Christmas tree decoration integrated

Getting the Christmas tree is integrated seamlessly into the home and cost little your decor is simple:

# Use remnants of the fabric used in upholstery or rags for making bands, which surround the tree and replace the traditional tinsel.
# The same fabric can be put on the foot of the tree , to hide the legs, which are not very nice.
# Both the Christmas decorations that have been chosen as the tone of the fabrics used in making the bands can be chosen based on the color palette used in the decoration of the room : sofa upholstery, curtains, furniture, etc.

With these proposals decorating Christmas trees can be to involve the smallest of the house making it an entertaining game that will make you happy in the early days of vacation.