The days pass quickly and you are coming back the celebrations taking place in most of the world. One is the Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentine , who-although some say it should be every day, such as Mother’s Day, is the auspicious date to show our affection to the person who is sharing our life day day.Generally that day used to dine with friends , is why we must have on hand some ideas on how to decorate for Valentine’s Day , it would not only enjoy the company and food, but a suitable atmosphere to the occasion.

Decorate the table

The idea of decorating for Valentine should be the romance. However, you can also put your personal touch and add those elements to consider representing them as a couple. Depending on where you will be dinner can fit the decor, for example, if you are at home is easier, because you have the time and space to decorate with confidence. If it is at home or elsewhere (can be a picnic dinner on the beach, etc..) It is best to bring some key elements to decorate in an easy and fast; between these can use candles, flowers, cloth napkins with some messages.


To decorate the table choose a tablecloth that is smooth, avoid those with lace or different textures, since the idea is that the color is the protagonist. You can opt for the classic red or pink combined with other colors like white or blue. If you’re more daring, go for bright colors like green, mustard or gray, but always remember to give a romantic touch. Here napkins uses a soft color.



Similarly you should opt for dishes without prints. The white is a safe choice for the occasion. It is also valid to use colored dishes, but remember that these should match the tablecloth and napkins, either with stronger tones or lighter, preventing overload of the table colors.


Obviously flowers are a must on the dinner Valentine , so a small table centerpiece is ideal to decorate the table. If you like flowers chooses to place various branches in the dining room, and leave the table with a light touch to avoid display full of objects.


The candles are another essential complement. You can place small candles near the center or opt for a table centerpiece with candles, flowers and candles combine a small detail like a stuffed animal adds a touch of tenderness to the decor. Also use candles in various dining places.