The ethnic furniture, it holds a very special appeal from the lines and colors evocative content in furniture and accessories, as well as furnishings and fabrics, which are part of this warm and colorful style. Personally, I love this kind, since it allows you to orient, in reality, of different styles, if we choose an African ethnic decor, we will need certain furniture and accessories, but if we orient ourselves toward Arab ethnic style, choose a Another type of furniture. Nothing prevents, to mix with each other, but with taste, the various ethnic roots and create a multifaceted ethnic decor. Decorating a home is a real art, you must pay close attention to the environment, take measures, implement mergers harmony between furniture, walls, windows and curtains, but let’s see how.

Woods and fabrics, used for ethnic decor, they often use natural colors, from warm earth and desert on the African continent, but also bright and brilliant tones proposed by the Arab world. Generally the two genres blend well together, if not exceeded in either. But if you are in the design phase and restoration of your home, I recommend you to also focus on the color and the choice of materials, floors and walls. Dark colors of the floor, suited to perfection, wood, brick, straw mats and bamboo will be for you, as for the walls, I suggest you orient yourself to a light, white or beige, so as to harmonize well with the furniture and accessories.


Once prepared floors and walls, take care with the size of the room to be furnished, and considered carefully, the number of sessions required for your sofa, and any size of a table , with its number of useful chairs. If it is to decorate a bedroom, you will need, first, to consider if you like four-poster beds, otherwise, orientate vi towards models, African-style, with carved headboard and carved, or simply made ​​of bamboo. A touch of class in the bedroom in ethnic style, will, no doubt, from the bed with mosquito net, light and billowing tulle, which falls at the foot of the bed, creating a protective barrier, both emotionally romantic and functional. If you are decorating your living room, let us see how direct the furniture.

For the sofa in ethnic style, I suggest you focus on soft lines, large pillows , wrought in arabesque style, or alternatively, use colors that come from nature and raw materials, brushed cotton in sand color, enriched by large cushions in fabric printing leopard can do for you. Similarly you can bet on bamboo sofas, tables and sideboards in handmade wooden furniture, which, there is no perfection, but the natural beauty of craftsmanship. This type of furniture, is mainly imported, available both online and without any major problems, and in many shops in the area.

Chose the sofa and the table, both for eating, which eventually, even a small coffee table, you have to choose curtains , lighting, paintings and any other pieces of furniture, always in ethnic style. Among the most suitable lamps, it is advisable to use the natural, built in batik, rice paper, wood and stone, excellent lanterns and candle holders, provided the ethnic style. For pictures, go for genres from Africa, Mexico and Indonesia, simple wooden frames, or make yourself, and dyed with water colors, in shades that fit the context created. For curtains, point simple and light colors, maybe white, which overlap a heavy fabric in linen, raw cotton or bamboo, chosen roller rolls, made ​​from straws, either whole or cut in half, much depends on the type, and the size of your windows.

Finally, I give you a final piece of advice, if you love to travel, get in the habit of bringing, from your travels, local crafts, small statues, textiles, stone, canvas, services yourself, lamps, vases, trays and small tables, all furnishings that recall the culture, and the history of its peoples, these souvenirs will be enormously useful, when you decide to implement, in one of the rooms of your home, or a whole house ethnic decor .