The style of furniture, commonly called pop, makes use of multiple shapes, colors brightly colored and decided, designer furniture, all used in harmony, giving the house one style fresh youthful and cheerful. The brands that make furniture and pop are many, so it will be very easy to choose among the many items on the market, which interprets and follows fully, our tastes, in an attempt to furnish in style pop, but we see in detail.

Environments that commonly you choose to decorate in style pop, generally, the living and the living room, but a full color choice you can make in the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom, on the understanding that there is a tendency for this room to prefer, furniture more sedate, whether classic or modern, but always used with less variations of colors. The living room, but also the kids room or study, lend themselves very well, given their use, an explosion of colors and shapes.


The main elements will be for the living room sofa, with table and chairs and the library. The latter is easily available on the market made ​​of lines and colors pop, and various models from different brands). In these “formulas furniture” libraries are often conceived as cubes or artificial containers with simple shapes, rich color. You can choose the modular cubes and match the color of your choice. Try to orient yourself to a base color, such as blue, red, orange, or green, and match the colors more muted colors with each other, or complementary colors themselves the chosen color: blue with yellow up orange, purple, orange, red to green and so on.

There is no need to use designer furniture, if they are of very beautiful and not expensive even among commercial products. In addition to the careful selection of the library, I suggest you opt for the sofa with chairs in several colors, maybe modular. In recent years, many brands have developed models very pleasing. Pay attention to the choice of pillows, curtains and all the furnishings, pay attention to the colors used for carpets. Even the lamps, vases and frames (including frames) will be chosen in the name of the color, while respecting the basic rules of complementary colors, although in some cases you can also opt for the “tone on tone”, take the purple, red, blue or any color you choose, all possible shades.

Choose curtains in solid colors or geometric designs, applied the same line for the carpets, while the lamps can adopt various light sources (lamps, lights, etc), But in a different style, are fine even simple spotlights steel, or enamelled in colors you choose basic furnishings. Very nice and easy insertion containers are sitting, the puff chairs. Do not rush to purchase items that you need, make a good first web search, and go to visit various shops and furniture, in order to evaluate and well and make the most of your purchases. Furnishing a house or a room in a pop equivalent, undoubtedly, lead to a wave of joy and color in your life.