“The mountains, as well as the islands, has the ability to not only preserve certain ancient plant and animal species, but also ancient populations and uses. ” This quote Simion Mehedinti can make the idea on the grounds that drives people, with the number steadily increasing, to buy or rent a house out of the chaos of the city , dominated the horn as a soundtrack, and you breathe air certainly not pure. Once you have done your property the question is: how to decorate studio apartments in the mountains? Yes, because even the inner part, we say that livable, should not be underestimated and this guide will give you some suggestion about.

First of all you have to think for your use, and is very important in order to understand what will be the most suitable pieces of furniture. If you use the studio as a support throughout the year, where you will go on weekends for example, opt for care of every detail, because using it often, you should feel in a better home than the one where you’re from, so reckless with everything you’ve always wanted (the mirrors particular , a corner bar, the bizarre ornaments of the place etc ). If you’ll use it only for the summer holidays, opt for comfort, then choose a few but functional furniture, such as a very large closet that can contain most part of the things destined never to be transported (such as towels, bathrobes, pajamas, etc.) , in order to simplify the transport.


Customize your studio mountain befriending the place: whether it is intended for long-term use is that it is designed as a support in the summer months, make it special according to the context in which it is inserted. The culture and tradition take it between your walls. Go to a local market and pick up a print particularly old or of the magnets for the refrigerator color, photographs of the most beautiful or utensils that belong (or belonged) to the uses of local personalities to cook a dish for example.

Mountain means fireplace, a combination which has always existed in the imagination of many If you have the chance to build one stone, it would be sublime Of course, the expense is quite substantial therefore not exactly within reach In this case all you can replace it with the wallpaper that recalls the rough stone, there are beautiful on the market, just choose one that fits addition, to furnish a room in the mountains, can not miss the carpet that call in some way different cultures Remember also that wood is the most appreciated, as ecological and simple material.