Decorating a home is not an easy task for those who have no experience in this field. Choose the furniture, nearside the arrangement and calculate the measures is a complex and challenging work, especially if you think that you are setting up for a long time what will be their home, the place where shelter and return in the evening. If you furnish an apartment may not be an easy thing, there are areas of housing even more complicated to fix. It’s the case of the attic, often local small and the sloping roof , which significantly limited the ability to choose. It also true, however, that in these cases it is sufficient to unleash their imagination to find solutions smart and funny, managing to create a welcoming environment with a reduced economic investment.

Until recently, the attics were simple sub-roof where they were unfinished store items and boxes for which there was no room in the house. Everything that you do not know where to put inexorably ended in attics and forgotten in a short time. New construction of small sizes and the need to exploit more square meters can, however, have meant that the attics were slowly revalued, often becoming very cozy and comfortable.


To furnish a loft in an intelligent manner must first take into account the usable floor area and that which is sacrificed by a roof pitched very often. The areas where you will be able to access only being bent will host furniture and objects that we rarely need to move. Here then the lower side of the room can accommodate a desk, a bookcase built on measurement or a small mobile TV. If the square footage allows, in the apparently less comfortable you could also place a guest bed, taking care to consider the points of light (usually in attics are the so-called “air vents”) and to estimate distances.

All in an attic should be reconsidered based on the height of the ceiling, taking into account that any environment and any furniture can be exploited, though adapted in size. In these environments, when it proposed “unfinished” is commonly used wood for the beams (usually left visible) of the roof, and very often to adorn the walls. This material is great for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere will give a very nice effect using warm colors such as red or orange for furniture and furnishings.

One of the problems that the attics generally feature is represented by the temperature. Since local positioned under the roof of the houses are subject to very high temperatures in summer can make little pleasant stay in the room. will be essential, therefore, murrain a conditioner air, so as to make it livable at any time of the year.

The attic, once area designed to accommodate all those objects that had no place in the house, it can become a practical space and cozy, like all the other rooms of the house. Thanks to some little ingenuity you can create a pleasant and cozy that you can use every day.