The bathroom is a room in your house that you live a little, than the others, and it is also much smaller when compared to living room, bedroom or kitchen, so if you want to furnish it in vintage style will have two advantages: with little material is renewed everything, and you can set off without being afraid of getting tired too quickly. But we know that the vintage style follows the mode of a thousand ages, from the twenties to the eighties, and how to orient for the bathroom? Here are three ideas bathroom picking up a little interesting ideas.

The bathroom of the bond girl: a large bathroom. It’s a bathroom in the Seventies would go crazy every aspiring Bond girl, and can not be blatantly and ostentatiously feminine. Go ahead with the pink as the dominant color of the walls and accessories (towels, bottles in which to pour the hygiene products, towels and bathrobes). Rosa yes, but with touches optical black and white juxtaposed ceramic glazed white, immaculate, soft lines and inviting, baseboards and scratches blacks in white metal details: knobs, towel racks, shelves, but also shapes the floor . Of course, the floor above can be preserved and simply covered with linoleum art. As a final touch, fatal, place a mirror fairest of them all.


The bathroom between the two wars: a medium-sized bathroom. Here you do not play on the glitz but the pleasure in the simple things familiar. Choose a tank in enameled steel with a simple white tent that allows to take a shower standing, basic plumbing strictly non chrome sink lines anonymous: all immersed in a room that decorated with a few gentle and natural objects: a large shell found on the beach, a natural sponge collected at sea during the holidays, a framed mirror and many squares, with all different frames, hung on a wall color that enhances the environment and warms the atmosphere. As the only real furniture, take an old bedside table repainted. The floor should be kept neutral and anonymous to let the rest speak. To achieve this effect, choose a floor tile glazed white or cover the existing pavement with colored cement or resin, unless you want to repeat the boards not polished to an even more natural.

The bathroom of the college: for a small room. For a small space and functional flavor unquestionably vintage , opt for black and white up to eye level. Choose a floor mosaic black and white to serve as a basis for a composition of functional health geometric and severe, with chrome fittings, practical mirror with chrome frame and basket, of course, chrome plated. Finally we see a shower, with a simple white curtain, on the bottom of the narrow room, which occupies the entire wall of the window, so as to favor optimal ventilation and steam outlet. You can cover the walls with panels painted with washable paint like in the picture, or opt for a solution that could be seen very often in Italy in the sixties: rectangular tiles, white, shiny, oriented horizontally. The coating must climb up to eye level, then the top of the wall and the ceiling are painted with beautiful color sugar paper.