To decorate the candelabra making beautiful decorations of colored beads, I suggest you to procure all necessary supports and follow with a certain attention to the simple, creative and practical procedural information set forth herein. It’s about creating elegant and personal embellishments of various beads, which adorn the metal chandeliers in an original and unique.

To start creating your own embellishments of beads for chandeliers, you must first take the chains and metal pins, gold or silver, as desired, depending on the effect you wish to achieve, and create threads of colored beads of various shapes and colors, interspersed with metal parts, decorative or otherwise, in a regular and artistic. After that, once established the overall length of each wire of decorative beads and decorative metal, size of the wire segments of metal for jewelery, double length to that set. Then shoves a big glass bead or colored, about half of each thread, close the two wires and put a pearl in double thread to lock the glass in place. After that, on various threads created, enter the various colored beads alternating with your taste.


After that, then once all the various strands of chains, beads and decorations, you need to spice up your metal candlesticks, close any thread for decorative beads, with a pendant terminal to your taste. At this point, take your metal candelabra and if you want to customize further, simply arrange the various objects on a sheet of paper, and color them with the spray paint, the color you want, then let it dry well the various candles, spirals the other side and after being uniformly colored, if you want to repeat the process and make it all dry for a few hours.

To end, after your colored chandeliers metal, fixed by the different colored beads pendants made ​​earlier. Therefore, fixing the various threads of chains and decorative beads, simply attacking via a pivot golden or silvery, each wire of colored beads, on the cupping glasses of your candelabra, then fix them firmly in place with the help of a gripper from jewelery. To complete your transaction decoration, fixed about 4/5 wire decorative beads on each candlestick.