Christmas dinner is a tradition and with some creativity you can decorate the table beautiful without breaking your budget.

Decorate the Christmas table is a tradition, and with some creativity you can achieve amazing results and very low cost . Currently the idea is to get the most out of what you have at home and replace it lush and expensive, so simple and inexpensive. Such rustic materials such as raw wood rather than elaborate, rough fabrics or cotton in soft or too flashy, instead of silks and embroidered, ceramic dinnerware or acrylic materials instead of porcelain, glass or stainless steel instead of glass, they become a very practical, beautiful and more accessible for any budget.

Creativity and elegance in the Christmas table

However, this does not imply that the environments have to be less elegant, however, it makes you much more flexibility and creativity when decorating because there is less demand, and the Christmas table need not be an exception. But you can also mix the traditional with the contemporary. You can combine different shapes, textures and designs with the aim of always giving a personal touch.We all know that Christmas means joy, share with your family , feasting and fun especially for the kids and this circumstance forces us to be more straightforward and practical. The colors they can be the softest pastels or bright well combined and sometimes contrasting.


Decorate the Christmas table style buffet

When the celebration is casual and if the family and guests are numerous, it is more practical than either lunch or dinner style buffet . To decorate in a case like this is easy because it requires a specific style because the style is provided by the host. Use just what you have. Remember that you need a long table to organize all prepared foods and perhaps a smaller one for the refreshments. But you can also use a round, if that’s you have. A nice simple cloth of any color, but if the cloth is of a bright color or bright use a ceramic dishes or other plastic material in a neutral tone, or maybe a contrasting tone but softer, and the dishes do not have to be round, can be square or rectangular, but has to have a good number of them depending on how many guests you have.

If the cloth is in a neutral tone can play with brighter colors on the plates and napkins, but be careful not to overburden. Try not to overdo the tones. A combination of apple green, with touches of red and gold, is very lively, fun and very in tune with the holiday colors. If you prefer something more traditional you can use the conventional red, green, white and gold. It all depends on individual taste.

A centerpiece simple and elegant Christmas

A simple centerpiece with fresh flowers from your garden, fruit or even something beautiful but simple and different flowers or nuts, flavorings or in combination with natural fiber baskets or glass, look very attractive for a weekend or holiday decorations year. Or just put different items Christmas decorations , like balls lined fabric or painted or traditional boots in a tray or large plate with lots of colors. This will give much joy and freshness to your table. These are just some ideas for decorating your Christmas table but everything depends on the imagination, creativity and taste of each, it is important that everyone feel good and can enjoy a wonderful evening with family.