The room in which we consume meals is the place where we meet with family and friends, sharing pleasant moments and eating together. Let’s see how to decorate the dining room to make it cozy and relaxing but also aesthetically balanced and in harmony with the rest of the house .

The dining room is one of the most important rooms in the house which, preferably, is located next to the kitchen in one space bright and warm. If you are furnishing a new home or are renovating the look of our home care plan with the choice of furniture : if we choose one particular style we use it and call it even in the room where we consume lunch and dinner . We try to give the right style to this area of the house focusing on the most important elements, the table and chairs, evaluating different models depending on our needs. If we have little space available, for example, we can opt for an extendable table , that adapts depending on the occasion and the number of diners.

The material of the furniture should be chosen with care, we can opt for a classic wooden table, maybe solid wood for housing most popular, or the most practical and durable as laminate. Some models are particular to the use of metal, glass or stone, but remember that this furniture should be practical and not subject to wear and tear to be more durable. The classic square or rectangular shape can be varied with round models (suggested by feng shui for greater harmony) or folding or retractable environments closer.


The other key element of the dining room are the chairs, which must surely be all the same and be coordinated with the table. We are looking for a good compromise between comfort and design, giving preference to models which are not only aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable to use, so you rest your back while we sit at the table. Table and chairs are enriched and enhanced with a beautiful tablecloth , that fits the style of the room : we can choose a simple or a center lane, according to our taste. Do not forget to place a centerpiece, consisting of an arrangement of flowers or fruit, that enrich the color and scent our room. If we use the cushions on the chairs we try to match them correctly to the tablecloth.

In the dining room we will also have the furniture that will be used to store dishes, or even a small pantry add the details in order to customize the environment and make it comfortable, such as the plates of the paintings hanging on the walls or can give the right touch color . The lighting is crucial, especially in the area where the table: we try to place it near a window and place the chandelier right above, so you always have light We choose plenty of energy saving light bulbs and with a warm glow, that make the atmosphere more relaxing.