When Christmas is coming, in all households begins to set up the house with the decorations in order to be ready for the fateful December 8, Feast of the Immaculate Conception , which according to tradition officially opens the holiday season . On this day, it sets up the tree and the nativity scene inside the house, but he also thinks the best way to decorate the entrance to the garden or next to the building. Let us see in this guide how to decorate the entrance of the house for Christmas .

Taking the example of a house with the garden the decoration outside for Christmas, you should start it immediately into the driveway leading to the entrance. In this case, as a welcome to the guests, you should create a kind of arch that frames the door and it is appropriate to do so with fake leaves interspersed with silver and gold plated wire of a kind used for the Christmas tree. On either side of the garden, with the poinsettias , you can make a declaration that acts as a border to the surrounding flower beds .


On the wooden door, the ideal decoration is made ​​with low-reliefs shaped cornucopia within the classic butcher’s broom. With the same can also create a frame to be placed right at the center of the door and the sides of the cardboard figurines depicting Santa Claus and a pair of glass beads for decorating a Christmas even more. In the small room in front of the door, if the height allows it and there is a rain cover, the ideal is to place a fresh Christmas tree with all the ornaments and decorations that distinguish including lighting with multi-colored lights. With the latter, buying them by the meter, you can brighten making them like snakes on the trees, on fences of the garden and create some fun and festive decorative frames for either doors or windows adjacent to the house.

The Christmas decorations for the house entrance, do not stop here certainly, and with a bit of imagination it can create many others. For example, with the colored construction paper , you can cut out shapes and then decorated with colors in tempera or watercolor depicting images that crib are a great way of decoupage to the side of the front door. Using the same procedure you can make a comet of pressed cardboard, colored silver and framed by a series of colored lights that intermittently make a further touch of elegance and decoration at the entrance of the house.