The entrance to a home is a room that is too often forgotten and neglected, since no one focuses never more than a few seconds in it, if not to put her keys, purse and coat. On the contrary, this setting plays the delicate task to welcome us after a long day of work, and must be able to be able to fulfill this function in the best way possible, through a decor that and I value it can bring out a sense of warmth and familiarity . Even our guests will be pleasantly affected in this way from the entrance, which will introduce them in different rooms of our apartment. There are the almost endless ways to decorate this space, but in this guide we will focus on furniture characterized by the presence of the color white, which give a touch of glamor and fashion to our home.


White is a neutral shade highly versatile, as it adapts well to different situations enhancing elements already present in every room. Its predominant presence in the hall will be of particular importance because every package will allow the visitor’s eye to wander in an environment that is visually wider than it is in reality, thanks to the ability of white to give an appearance of depth and breadth. In addition, this color is particularly suitable for homes that they can enjoy a little natural light, such as floor plans, since the white will be able, like no other color, reflect sunlight getting the maximum possible brightness.

The element that will certainly fail in our entrance will be a console, on which we can place the keys and the bag once back at home, choose from the classic version, featuring a baroque form and elegant, or among the most modern on the market, such as the one characterized by a bright and shiny white, which will match a mirror with white frame. A wooden bench in the same shade will give a touch of familiarity and warmth to the environment, while we break the continuity of these items of furniture by introducing a rug to a bold color, such as purple or blue, which can stand in the light of the rest furnishing. We complete the decor by adding a coat rack stand or wall and a white umbrella , which will stand on a floor covered with wooden floors to choose from for both the version clearer than in the slightly darker.