During the Christmas period we can recreate at home a magical winter atmosphere with a few simple ideas. Here are some tips on how to decorate the garden for Christmas, to enrich the color and detail this space, even during the colder months, making it more welcoming and cheerful.

The Christmas decorations for the garden transform this part of the house in a lively and colorful even in the months of winter. We design the layout according to the characteristics of our space, trying to find the points to make the best and on which we want to attract attention. We avoid overfilling with accessories and different elements, instead of trying to approach lights and decorations in an orderly manner, playing on a few colors and a theme for a more elegant.


The lights are one of the decorations of the inevitable Christmas : we choose the low-consumption LEDs and suitable for outdoor use. The points on which we can install them are different: the railings, plants, columns, facade of the house, it is important to place them in a uniform manner and following a harmonious shape. Remember that in fact in the dark, we will not see the media on which are hung so we’ll try to hang in order to create an optimal effect. We can place two rows of LEDs along the driveway and embellish the bushes with a ring of tiny lights. If you do not have a tree in the garden can create a thin steel in the shape of fire as a support, so we can hang it on the front of the house. On the lawn and in the borders, we can place the lamps and lantern light, perhaps in vintage style.

If the colored lights make the night garden we also think of the decorations that are visible during the day. On the entrance door we can hang a garland and wreaths, while the fir branches with bells and bows can be placed on windows or planters. Realize with stencils and spray of snow, snowflakes on the windows, you can then easily be removed with a cloth and water. During the cold season we can use the ice as a decoration: full of transparent glass jars with water, berries and decorative leaves, then let’s leave them to freeze and remove the pot: I’m so ready to be put outside. We insert the large bunches of dried branches in large pots or planters and hang beads, pearls and colored leaves, are also perfect for entry. In this way, even empty vessels can buy color waiting for the summer season. The entrance gate and the letter-box become more cheerful with garlands of branches and pine cones scented.

Not all plants lose their leaves during the winter, some in fact reached its peak during these months. The firs and conifers are evergreen and in general we can decorate it further by adding lights and plastic balls. The holly is filled with red berries lit while keeping the ivy green leaves throughout the year. We should also mention that the hellebore blooms in this season. The poinsettia is very decorative but must be kept inside because they fear the cold.