The winter garden is the desire of many people, if you are lucky enough to have a garden next to the house or a large terrace, with a little ‘imagination to make this space habitable even in winter. In this realization comes to your aid structure: the porch, more and more updated and modern in construction material to individual needs. In addition to expanding the house offers you a chance to create a green space to be enjoyed even during the cold winter days and where they can find shelter your plants more delicate, but let us see how to decorate this extension of your home.

First turn your attention to the different species of plants from host: in winter the most beautiful colors are offered to us from the berries and foliage: red, yellow, green, lilac, so it will be good orient yourself on the Barber is, on Cronus by red branches, or a Liquidator, a maple dwarf the countless variegated ivies; Concertmaster horizontals, then if there is enough space a board that generates pink flowers throughout the winter. And then you can find a place to pitch with flowers and red berries. Among the species that bloom in winter, remember: the Jasmin nudism flowers with yellow, the heathers that pierce the snow, the Ziva, a white daffodil that blooms in December, the Snowdrop, the Hellebores, the Christmas roses the British, from Last but not least of the Camellias, the cyclamen and violas.


Let us now turn to furnishings that should be comfortable but not invasive, the style will follow to a large extent that of the rest of the house, even if they are not well harmonized exceptions diversity. So geared towards bamboo, natural wood, cherry, walnut, but if you love the colors and metals cold, choose wrought iron and hand-painted ceramic, like that of Retrieve, with small tables rounds that are so romantic time together to the planters.

Try to use natural elements of furniture that do not differ markedly looking “nature” of the garden : a table with comfortable chairs , a corner reading-relaxation for those who have the hobby of sewing and knitting a corner -work, a sofa, to lay down and watch the stars or the snow falling down through the glass ceiling in place of chandeliers, lamps and some scattered around the room, the furniture in this case must be essential, since the space more is right plants. Complete the decor with curtains and cushions with floral motifs.