The wood being a natural material such as marble and granite lends itself very well to be used to decorate the garden: it can be very hard and resistant to water and weather and in the furniture market you can find many accessories available, just know how to choose them.

First you need to know the best types of wood to use: there is the larch, which is widely used in mountain homes because once creates an aged patina that gives your garden an air oldest, then there is the oak: very hard wood which with its wide and porous grain provides strength and can be used in most modern gardens, such as maple: wood nearly white that the sun makes him take on a yellowish color, teak wood and light brown oily offering a good protection from the elements, they are suitable for such purpose walnut and ebony. Very dark woods that offer a break from the garden, even if they have the flaw of being very expensive. The important thing is not to use soft woods like: pine, fir or pine because they offer a low structural strength and weather resistance.


A wooden garden can not have a bench or a table with chairs in wood, to be preferably constructed with grooves, which reduce the chances that you see air between the pieces in case of deformations due to changes in temperature or moisture : but we must remember to periodically perform treatments with paint, stains, resistant to water, can also be found rocking chairs and gazebo, the latter must be built with large beams that intersect with each other to better tackle the tensions of the wood during the various times of the year, you can also buy. Fences, contours for swimming pools, and floor to create routes that cross the garden.

There are also entire sections devoted to children with small houses, small size that with the increase of the price become true reproductions of big houses, and where there is a child can not miss: a slide, a swing set and maybe a rocking animal shaped As read above, there are many accessories for the garden, it is important to be wary of furniture at low cost and with structures weak and cured.