The room for guests is a room intended for the reception of relatives or friends who from time meanwhile come to see us, stopping a few days at home ours. Until some time ago, this room was used exclusively for this need, while in more recent times, its intended use has turned to because of the tendency to have smaller and smaller dwellings within which each Space is often more of a role. In this sense, often, a study is necessary transformed into a guest room, which is why it is necessary to furnish this room in such a way that, when guests are not present, once again become an integral part of the house itself .

The best way to decorate the room for guests is to place inside a comfortable sofa bed, which can be transformed easily into a double bed . Beside the sofa will be useful to put a glove compartment , which will become a nightstand once you open the sofa, and a large closet that will contain everything you need to welcome the guests, such as blankets, pillows, sheets, and that will prove extremely useful in the home for hold clothes, coats and towels for everyday life. We can also choose a model cabinet with mirror built-in, which will allow us to save space and to avoid incurring additional costs.


If we are decorating the room is quite large, we can add a desk and a small library, which will give a feeling of warmth and familiarity to our guests, do not forget to affix to the walls of the shelves and to identify adequate space to place the TV. To complement the decor of this room multifunctional we should pay particular attention to the accessories, which will determine the taste and style of a large rug at the foot of the bed will add a touch of warmth , as well as the colorful curtains to match the bedspread. Even the colors we choose to use are important, to ensure relaxation to our guests will be good to focus on neutral colors such as cream color for the walls, avoiding excessively loud colors, and ensure a good play of light maybe with the lamp-stand, extremely versatile and modern.