The science says that the colors have the ability to affect our mood. The color therapy associated with each color a different effect, and through the use of color seeking to intervene in the body and the psyche of the individual. Under the assumption that every human being has seven major chakras, energy centers that is attributed to each of them a color. To stimulate each chakra is therefore advisable to decorate the whole house with a primary color that takes into account the use to which the room is intended.

The color red affects the heart and lungs, helps to stimulate the production of energy and is linked to passion. For this reason, the appropriate color to paint the walls of the bedroom or to choose furnishings that convey warmth and strength. It can be coupled with the color orange , which increases optimism, beneficial impact on happiness and serenity. For its functionality not this color is not tied to a specific area of the house. Remember that even the lighting the entire house can be inspired by principles of chromotherapy.


For the walls of your study or the children’s room, opt for a color light yellow . Yellow promotes concentration and attention. If the room has a feature the color should not be too active to have a good effect. The color green promotes a sense of relaxation and helps to combat insomnia, so it is definitely recommended for the bedroom. Another area suitable for this color is the bathroom because some shades of green tones reminiscent of the water giving the room relaxing effect made.

Another color that is relaxing and calming properties of the blue. Paint walls or decorate the room using the primary color blue helps to combat mental and physical agitation. For the living room is recommended, the color indigo that is very close to the spiritual man. This color reminds the sky and the sea, combining a sense of freedom than the rest. The color purple is the color of the spirit, helps to eliminate stress, tension and allows you to look at things from a distance. It ‘a color that can be freely placed anywhere in the house. Of course you can either decorate each room with a dominant color and use multiple colors trying to maintain a balance color.