We often tend to underestimate the added value that the beautiful gates would be able to give to the aesthetic impact of a home. Most of the time, in fact, we are content with the discounts height or you pretend not to notice how these stoning with the rest of the furniture . To make the doors of the house a real piece of furniture , attractive and consistent, just a bit ‘of work and a good dose of imagination . The guide that follows, we will see how to decorate in an expressive manner the doors of your home.

In most cases it can be useful to separate the door from its hinges and put it on a horizontal shelf (maybe the floor) to work more smoothly. The emerge is not difficult, but it is always better to do it in two persons to avoid forcing incorrectly on the pins or get hurt when it’s time to support the weight. For those who were not aware of, to remove a door when you lift it with a screwdriver insight into the cylinders that are located in the hinge.


An effective way to refresh the look of a door is definitely the decoupage, a craft technique that creates decorative effects with the simple use of scraps of paper images to be fixed, according to their creativity, with glues and paints of various kinds. To work seamlessly settle on a shelf comfortable in a room ventilated. Once you have chosen the images to apply (you can find them in stores DIY or obtain them from material that you have at home), and have prepared, clean the door, place the cuttings where your taste prefer if the text requires particular precision, Dashed outlines with a pencil in order to have a clear record when you proceed to fixing. Pour into a small bowl 5 parts of white glue and 1 of water, and stir with a flat brush, glue the back of the images and apply them on the door. Always helping with a brush, cover the scraps with plenty of diluted glue, taking care to remove any air bubbles. Subsequently, with a larger brush, go over the entire surface with the mixture, in order to create a homogenous effect. Once dried, the past few hands of flatting to have a more “smooth”.

Other ideas to beautify the doors of the house are the use of stencils and stickers or painting the use of paper saved. To create a stencil painting, go to a home improvement store, choose the templates with the fantasy that best suits you and Obtain the brush to sponge pretreated the door depending on the type of material, so that the paint can soak up easily, fix the mask on the door with a ribbon low adhesiveness and blotted gently inside the guide with the chosen color ( remember not to soak the sponge too much or you will risk a result is not accurate). For the application of stencils stickers or paper saved the procedure is more simple, you can concentrate mainly in the choice of fantasies.