Furnishing a home is never a simple business and it is for this reason that we often turn to professionals such as architects or interior design, to make us the best advice and build a house as well as beautiful also functional . If the house is that we must furnish to a person older the situation becomes even more complicated, because we deal with the needs totally different . However if we do not want to turn to a professional to decorate our house then this is just the guide that do the job. In the next steps, in particular, we will see how to decorate the house.

how to decorate the house

To compose the furniture of the house so ideal, we must first consider all the special needs of the subject (using a wheelchair? Do you suffer from hearing problems? He physically disabled?) and act accordingly. In order to make the best choices correct, it is very important to know which activities are housewives who prefers the old, in order to make their implementation as smooth as possible. Although, as mentioned, every senior has the unique needs, there attentions are always valid that can be taken.

First of all security: let us not fill the house with furniture with projections (especially when these concern the stands and legs). Let us, rather, to choose them regularly and with rounded corners. We prefer pavings neither too smooth nor too irregular, so as to give a homogeneous stability at every step. We equip ourselves windows parapets high , especially in cases where the elderly is not fully alert. If there are stairs in the house, make sure they are equipped with a handrail firmly . We follow the general rule of “simplification”, reminding us that a senior has reflexes slower, less responsive muscles and sensory abilities weakened.

With the aim to promote the physical well-being , we equip the house with furniture and equipment specifications . For the bedroom, procuriamoci an orthopedic mattress or decubitus (as needed); in the living room it is essential the use of chairs, armchairs and sofas that have not sitting too low and they are not too soft nor too hard. This will prevent back pain due to bad posture and not going to force your joints when you sit down and you get up.