As we shall see throughout this guide, styles of furniture that can be taken to make their home elegant and chic are many; ranging from classic to modern, from ethnic style that chabby chic and so on. However, if you want to experience a style really disruptive, which is characterized by furnishings and fabrics out of the ordinary, I suggest you follow the advice below will show you how to decorate the house in new folk , one style really extravagant and chic.

new folk

Keep in mind that the main feature of the new folk , is the mixture and the excessive use of colors in the furnishings (such as bedspreads, curtains and rugs). The folk presents lines and objects in a style quite joyful and exuberant, almost gypsy, which is based on freedom to mix colors and materials.

To decorate with this style, therefore, you should opt for objects and furnishings traced the gypsy style and Scandinavian. In shops or shopping centers, you can find objects that recall this popular tradition, with cool colors and much redundant (the bedspread for example can be chosen blue stripes, blue, white and gray). So even the curtains and sofa covers; remember that in folk, the key word is redundant decorations, excessive and showy.

As for objects specifically, if you love this style I will recommend to opt for furnishings out of the ordinary, such as rocking chairs to be placed in the living room or in the bedroom; chandeliers filled with multicolor stones and ornaments gypsies (for example fans variously painted, paintings or frames depicting gypsy women to be placed on the furniture).

As you can see, it is a new-folk style of furniture rather unusual, because not everyone likes to combine colors and furnishings so extravagant. For your home , choose the style that best suits you and if you love bright colors and redundant, do not hesitate to choose the style new folk; your guests will remember your taste and your originality in terms of decor. If you have questions or just want to have more insights, I suggest you finally buy one of the many interior design magazines available on the market; the latter will definitely be able to provide sound advice to decorate your home with balance.