In this guide, I suggest how to decorate the house in the spring, to accommodate as best as possible the arrival of summer. Having a fresh decor will make you feel more optimistic and full of life, as well as to give the house a fresh look and pleasant. Procedure is not difficult, it will in a little attention to detail and lots of good taste.

To be in line with the arrival of summer and the awakening of nature, choose pastel colors and floral prints to replace the old pillows and curtains and furnishings to enter additional, even without a considerable expense, making sure that they are in harmonic colors together to make each room comfortable and cozy. Refreshes the walls pitturandole a beautiful lilac, light blue or canary yellow and home purchase immediately joy and new light, intonandosi with any type of existing furnishings.

Measures to put some houseplants in the house, as they are able to add touches of color in a very simple, for example you can put the flower pots of glass, geraniums, daisies and gerberas. With regard to the furniture and coatings, if any, prefer natural fabrics and texture read . The furniture elements with wicker and jute rugs. Beautify and perfume every room with fresh flowers, reminding that the spring is in the air, perhaps composing yourself and putting them in large glass jars or jugs elegant. If you prefer fake ones, which are also very decorative and easy to maintain, arrange them in pretty containers of wicker or straw.


Let the sun illuminate the room whenever you can, replacing windows and doors of the windows are too dark or too heavy textures with light panels that can move freely. If you decide to repaint the whole house, remember to take into account the different rooms at different times of the day, to see how the outdoor sunlight may vary the color, making it look lighter or darker. then Put a sample of the paint on the walls to see how it responds to light and choose the best one. Spring is also the season also perfect for small renovation or restyling, so you better take advantage of the nice weather.