The winter season is rapidly approaching and it is in this period that we enjoy our home, perhaps renewing with a decor winter in order to make it more cozy and pleasant to live. During the cold months of the interior of the house will have to recreate a warm intimate atmosphere that combines style and comfort. Here are some ideas to decorate the house in winter , making it comfortable for us and for our guests, especially during the holiday period and the beginning of the new year. Let’s see how to decorate the house in winter.

How to decorate the house

During the winter months the house becomes the protagonist, enhanced with new decor and warm lighting and soft. This time of year it is important to decorate the house with objects typical of this season, in which the interiors take on a leading role. The colors most used during these months are inspired by Nordic atmospheres, such as those of the Scandinavian countries: the white of the snow and ice, but also the red reminiscent especially Christmas. They are popular in this period silver, gold and shades of natural wood that give a sense of intimacy and warmth.

To update and renew the decoration of the house will not be big changes needed, but will simply add or change the decorations and enrich with new upholstery rooms. On the couches and armchairs we add the warm winter and pillows with patterns of plaid colored to make them softer. Even on the bed we can spread a quilt soft and warm with motifs related to the cold season, the fur Ecological may give an interesting effect, both as rugs as roofing. We decorate tables and tables with place mats adorned with snowflakes and gold piping, maybe hand-embroidered.

The ornaments used in this period are the garlands and centerpieces made ​​from pine twigs, acorns, pine cones, dried orange slices, sticks of cinnamon and leaves not only reminiscent of the winter but will perfume delicately our house; Escherichia with symbolic objects, natural wood or painted, like reindeer, fir trees, snowflakes. We can color in the house of pine cones or twigs with paint white or silver, giving a rustic effect and lived in the composition. Do not forget to also decorate the walls with garlands, maybe we change the paintings appendectomy other subjects winter. If we celebrate Christmas, we may add elements typical of this feast as angels, stars and small cribs.