Decorating an apartment with the rugs can be relaxing and at the same time “hard.” To use these accessories extraordinarily useful and functional seems simple, but only after buying we realize our real needs in the various rooms of our house. Obviously we have to figure out how we are more comfortable and our habits to buy carpets made ​​for us without make mistakes, also our personal taste is an added value.


A carpet with a little imagination and above all with a little attention, it can change in a matter of seconds the look of a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen, a hallway or above a door. In addition to decorating, the rugs have a specific function, it is easy to see how thinking about the classic “bed-downs” that welcomes you, warm and soft under her bare feet, barely awake. In fact, the corridor is purely aesthetic and endeavor shortly. In the bathroom is almost “mandatory” and serves slip, then aesthetic level, there are different types and patterns of colors. Regarding the kitchen usually using slip positioned in front of a kitchen linear, so as to stop the crumbs and dirt that will be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. Instead entrance, outside the apartment (almost mandatory) to clean the shoes and is always dependent within a matter of aesthetics.

The carpets are, however, also one of the major causes of accidents in the home, especially when they are located in areas of high house of transition: near the doors in front of the sofa, (etc.). Please do not take carpets that do not adhere perfectly to the surface on which you want them or that they bend easily, creating the “ears” that hamper your feet on the path.

Finally, you have the carpets easier to wash (small and not too delicate) near the door, the place where notoriously the carpets get dirty more, so you do not have to sweat seven shirts to get them back clean. In other rooms you choose the fantasy that most want and which suits you best, as there are really millions and millions of species of different rugs on the basis of texture, color, shape, size and material. Dine Your pleasure and furnish your home and feel at ease in every room.