Take advantage without changing the furniture and add ons, painting or original accessories can transform a room. Ideas, styles and proposals.

The bedroom is the same furniture, the kitchen is boring despite repeatedly change the color of your walls, your child’s room needs a radical change because it is high time passes more and not knowing what to change. We do not have a high budget and refuse to hire a professional.

Reforming the room with elegance and calm

It is essential to balance the environment with harmony and order in style. Love for detail to give it a present to the house, renovating often supplements without buying new furniture. Some suggestions are:

# Pretty containers with cardboard boxes for the controls of television, DVDs or photos .
# Dress windows using several drops of fabric with two different patterns in the same range.
# Select images of the same subject, printed on silk, metal or canvas fixed on a frame and put on a base unit.
# Casual style rugs and cushion covers with bright colors striped.


Complimentary blue and tan to create a relaxed or red accents to give a sense of intimacy. paper painted on a wall point of the room, with flowers, moles or geometric twist will give you a picture. The large motifs are recommended for large areas.

Reforming the bedroom with a relaxed atmosphere

The white blankets, boxes or bags is synonymous with relaxation and snuff mixed with shades recreate a peaceful environment. For a touch of freshness with the arrival of warm weather, add blue carpet or vinyl wall simulating green vegetation together with pictures of flowers, recreating a garden. Add original ideas as:

# Wooden trunks lined patterned paper for letters and envelopes.
# A natural composition of wood, pine cones and dried leaves framed with moldings aged as headboard.
# Restore your wood drawers with self adhesive wallpaper.

Given that the rooms facing north receive less light, you should hit the Color of the walls with light colors. The ones facing south have more sun and tolerate cooler colors. If instead you want to give vividness, choose warm colors. Ranges away visually obscure the walls, creating a sense of depth while lighter tones by using the approach of color.

Reforming the fourth of the child: funny vinyls and paint the wall with bright colors

Add excitement to your stay as usual for children of the house with some of the following ideas:

# Magnetic blackboard paint and at the same time, where you can post notes and drawings without having to favorite holes in the wall.
# Stickers of different reasons on the inner door of the bedroom.
# Gather in one box the best moments of the children and make a collage custom photo, will be great on the desk or in a composition of several canvases to cover an entire wall.
# Choose fabrics and tapestry cushions with children large wicker baskets to match to keep their toys.
# Place vinyl animal shapes or illustrations of fairy tales.

Reforming the nursery with lots of imagination

Add whimsy to the room with children’s motifs. Some of the most original ideas are:

# Photo frames in different colors, oval, with flowers or polka dots placed on a table and painted designs on their own.
# Reversible fabric curtains with letters and numbers to go changing environment at the same time your child has fun.
# Thick wool handmade covers for containers of crayons and school accessories, as well as recycle an old seat upholstery by updating its hand painted.
# Customize pillowcases cutting and sewing fun shapes out of felt or even the top sheet superimposing two different models.
# Look for patterns in internet rag dolls and make it a fun toy for your child. The foam can fill or batting, you have surely become the favorite of them all.

Reforming the house without works is not only personal and economic satisfaction, but it is fun and comfort for all occupants of the house. A bit of wit with a dose of imagination can fill the house with original ideas without spending much money.