The entrance of the house is often a not so considered in the interiors of homes, in fact, being the first environment in which you will come across the door of houses, it is a little business card . A functional input , warm and pleasant welcome well both the hosts that any guests. That said, let’s see, then, how to decorate the entrance of the house.

Many homes built recently, do not possess all the input, often the door opens onto the living room, but is frequently occurs, however, a corner entrance , where you can enter, a mirror , an umbrella stand a Nice hangers clothes or small wall bookcase. should be considered that when we cross the door or we’re going to get out of it, there are objects of common use that is comfortable to find at hand, such as house keys and car, umbrellas, the jacket the wallet and purse, which is why it is very convenient to find a viable location for all these useful items.


The mirror can be chosen to compliment the furnishings of the living room or in a completely different and independent, but try not to make an entrance, however, in the name of modernity if your house is fully furnished with furniture classics. Other items that lend themselves very well to decorate the entrances, are composed of small tables, frames with pictures of hosts, fresh or dried flower arrangements, and a beautiful carpet proportionate to the size of this input, useful small or large empty pockets and a rack for hats and bags, and little useful accessories to hang with attached key chain their house keys.

Choose carefully the chandelier and any points of light, Referring the style of the decor chosen for the input Typically these are environments that are not very large, you can take also of the beautiful ceiling or hanging chandeliers of different kinds and dimensions, however, is choose one that is proportionate to the environment, without exceeding . Finally, if the input has windows and is bright enough, you can make it more attractive by including some beautiful plant, also in this case dimensions should be evaluated according to the space, while the plant species will be chosen depending on the brightness of the environment and the presence or absence of radiators positioned adjacent areas to the plant Give free and easy space close to or video intercoms, in so that we can make a practical use Although the entrance serves as a point of support, passing and receiving guests, try not to fill it too much, but used the spaces according to their size in proportion choosing furniture, small armchairs, small mirrors few hooks for clothes and an umbrella essential to go well for an input of size, while for large spaces, we can move towards more substantial furnishings renationalized with the environment in the same way we do with a living room.