Today, most modern homes, consist of kitchen and dining room in one room . The choice of furniture in this case, it is very important to the purposes of aesthetics , because you have to furnish trying to maintain a consistency in style in the two environments, avoiding be fitted out in a completely different way . So, it is vital to furnish it the right way. In this guide we will see some tips on how to decorate the kitchen and dining in one room.

how to decorate the kitchen

First of all, you have to think about the choice of painting. The color of the walls does not necessarily have to be equal, you can play a lot with the various shades of the same color, or combine the cream or white, a wall color. The important thing is that the environment is harmonious and that there is a correspondence between style kitchen and dining .

As for the furniture, it is necessary that they reflect the same style. If the food we choose the modern style, it should also furnish the room of the same kind. Same thing, if you choose the classic decor. Important is choosing the color of your furniture: if the environment is small I recommend you opt for light colors or at least not too dark, because dark colors give this little brightness and make the rooms small dark.

The size of the kitchen and the room is also dependent layout of your furniture. If the size is small, I recommend to furnish the kitchen with the essentials (sink, microwave and refrigerator), trying to eliminate the superfluous and to install shelves (wood or metal) that there will be in the way, and will be very useful; room instead, you can put a small table with stools and if you have more space available to a small sofa. If the size of the kitchen and the room are large you will have many more alternatives in choosing the placement of the furniture. In the kitchen you can enter the floor kitchen corner , which optically by a beautiful picture or resorting to modern peninsula ; room instead if the spaces are wide I recommend you put one hand on the sofa with peninsula and a storage wall in front, while the other (near the kitchen) a table complete with chairs.

Finally, with regard to the other furnishings, such as curtains, carpets and lamps, also in this case I suggest you use a style that is in keeping than the two environments and with respect to the kind of furniture , trying to create a environment harmonious. If space is limited, opt for a simple style, that should not complicate the already small room.