The art of Feng Shui , based on the ancient oriental principles of search of balance and harmony, helps us to define the structure and the decor of our home, to make the rooms of the house comfortable and rejuvenating spirit. Here’s how to arrange and orient the furniture in our house according to the rules of Eastern wisdom . In particular, we see how to decorate the living room according to this philosophy.

how to decorate the living room

Feng Shui literally means “Wind and Water”, an image that evokes the quest for naturalness and the harmonious flow of life. This ancient discipline is still relevant and appreciated in architecture for defining spaces. The purpose of this discipline is its research environment ideal for the life and welfare of people. The living room is one of the basic rooms of the house, where we gather with family and welcome guests: must therefore be a space large, square or rectangular, with high ceiling .

The sofa, an essential element, should be positioned so you can observe the whole environment without obstacles, not in front of the door or close the windows to prevent drafts, and positioned so as to have a wall adjacent or nearby in the back to protect shoulders. The furniture should not block the movement in the room and must not impede the natural light entering through the windows. Lighting should be designed so as to be sufficient but not excessive, preferring that more and more natural. The decorations must be selected and a few, so to make balance in the environment. We must take care of our guests by placing chairs and sofas without creating barriers and so the path from the entrance to the couch is clear and outlined.

To create a perfect environment in the living room , as well as in the other rooms, we have to enter and balance all the five elements of Feng Shui, which bring harmony in the energy within this space. The “earth” can be present painting the walls warm colors that evoke the land, but also by placing some beautiful plants. The “fire” is represented by candles, to use away from the fireplace, or elements with bright colors and warm. We put decorations in shades of white and gray for the “metal”. While the ” water ‘will be in shades of blue and black, for use in the decoration. Finally, the “wood” to be used as material for chairs and furniture.