The living room is the so-called “living room” of our house, in which you spend most of the time dedicated to personal relationships. In living chat, watch television, you invite your friends. Basically, you live in the living room. There are many ways in which we can decorate the living room to make it truly “ours.” Let’s see how to decorate a living room in a modern style.

The living area is by far the most important room of our house, we can define the room of representation of the house, because it is the place where most people live. To furnish so modern and absolutely class, the first rule is to properly evaluate the available space. We consider that the modern interior architecture provides in principle a space living very open. Ideally, it would be an open space, basically a very large room that communicates with the adjacent areas of the dwelling becoming, in a sense, the heart of our house. Consider, in the living room, a seating area in which to place the sofa and possibly a table. Consider also that the design of the furnishing, with regard to the furniture, must be absolutely modern and deviate from everything that somehow plays a classical canon. Therefore avoid the inlays, the carvings and furniture in general too processed. We prefer clean lines that can get to an “minimalism” very pronounced. Even the choice of materials is very important. We opt, if necessary, for furniture wood but coated with materials technological.


Obviously, a modern living room can not do without the technology, especially with regard to the audio-video equipment. For this reason, we also think a special space that can hold everything you need, TV (preferably LCD or plasma), the system home theater and so on. The colors of the walls are very important. The ideal is to use cool colors (blue, gray, dark green) using the technique of 3 +1. In practice, three walls are painted contiguous with only one color, the fourth instead, using a contrasting color. Recall, however, to maintain the white to the ceiling, in this way will preserve the height of our stay.

We also use panel curtains that are smooth and absolutely uniform. avoid, therefore, the colors too bright or embroidery. The curtains will come down to the floor. Do not forget also to decorate the walls, using paintings and prints, of course, modern style (so we avoid landscapes or still life). The use of a mirror, sufficiently large and linear, without frame and positioned horizontally will give a further touch of modernity, helping to make the room look bigger. Living room furnished in modern style, to have a home that is truly “class” and, above all.