The style is linked to the pop art movement known as pop art was born in the middle of the twentieth century, characterized by strong colors and unusual items and breakage. It is in fact characterized by the use of figures typical of mass communication, such as comics, typical icons and images for advertising, or anything with which modern man is to live every day. Decorating our home following this particular style is giving a decidedly innovative and extravagant to our environment, making it original and lively. In this guide we will see how to decorate the living room in pop style, and we will analyze the main elements of furniture that will be placed on the inside to create the best atmosphere typical of this artistic movement.


Before moving on to furnishing true, it will be good to focus on the colors that will decorate the walls of our living room . In the style of pop are banned all neutral tones and muted in favor of bright colors and lively, that you are able to attract attention in a bully, such as lime green, hot pink or red. If, however, wish to avoid an effect excessively load, we can think of leaving most of the white walls, and introduce the splashes of color on them, so that the final effect is more mitigated and has a less aggressive. We may also give free rein to our imagination using stencils and decorations, or we can point to the use of wallpaper, a versatile material that is coming back into fashion in recent years, to be chosen in the fantasies in line with this style.

At this point we will switch to the relative phase to furnishing true. To recreate the style pop into our stay we focus on extravagant items, such as the famous sofa in the shape of lips sensual, shaggy carpet and armchairs from the unlikely form, such as that characterized by the shape of a hand. An important function will be carried out also by the paintings and prints that decorate the walls of the room, which will depict typical characters of mass communication extremely original and fun idea consists in the creation of prints depicting members of his family, operation that can be made ​​possible we address at a design studio specialized.