The living room, plays in the furnishing of a house, a very important role. In the living room we spend hours of relaxation, study, recreation, a place where you receive friends and relatives, so in addition to take on a role of great representation, forms the centerpiece of the whole apartment. If we want a formal living room and formal we could make use of furniture in Victorian style, a style born in England in 1837 and implemented until the early 900 and which takes its name from Queen Victoria . Let’s see how to decorate our living room in Victorian style.

A typical characteristic of the Victorian style is the use of bold colors, such as red and gold, but also the yellow, purple and blue, and finally the classic white, a style that comes in parallel to the emergence of the bourgeois middle classes age and that is the emphasis on social status. The Victorian style draws its origins and inspiration from the Baroque and Rococo style, which is why we are talking about an elegant style that makes use not only of furniture details, even the use of cards decorated parts, carpeting, fireplaces sumptuous rich decor . If we decided to decorate the living room in this style we have, first, choose a nice card from walls or alternatively paint the walls in gray, gray purple or pink old. In the wake of Victorian style were born in Germany, the beautiful doll’s house, small wooden houses, reproduced in miniature houses built in the Victorian style, a generous example, is still present, this style.


The sofas to choose from to implement the Victorian style, the sessions will have straight, sinuous lines drawn by the collars hardly squared, will be made ​​by arms and legs in dark wood (rosewood), or dyed in gold, while the upholstery will adopt damask fabrics, upholstery striped or solid colors in shades like red, purple or blue.

In a living room with Victorian style cannot miss one of the most used furniture in this era that the belief or showcase. Beliefs are generally made ​​of walnut or other woods of fruit, often decorated with wooden furniture and decorated with inlays, are an accessory for storing objects. Often with legs, are characterized by soft, rounded lines often rounded. You can take advantage of a belief one large or two windows less impending and more delicate.

Another item to add to the living room is a comfortable Victorian dining table and receive guests. Even the latter will often be made ​​of briar and will keep faith with the soft lines of all the furniture, we prefer therefore, a round or oval table, even if there are tables with square lines equally suitable. The tables are characterized by Victorian decor inlays or other material, much in use at that time even the decorations in bronze. The lines are rich and often retrace the baroque style. You can also take a large table and a small inlaid table for the living room, enrich the whole perforated with small libraries, richly decorative and make your living room, a place that leads back to the 1850s thanks to the flavor and color of that furniture.