To decorate a living room in classical style is mainly intended for class. In the old days when the prevailing style was a classic in the living room we met to discuss business or politics, or just to enjoy wine tasting. Modern living rooms instead have added many other features, such as watching TV. Our task at this point and create a holiday classic, but it has all the features and comforts of a modern living room.

To give a classic style to a living room, above the prevailing colors should be warm colors brown, gold, beige, burgundy and then choose the appropriate and quite dark wooden furniture, which is preferably designed, and especially by soft lines, to give a sense of nondepreciating. The furnishings are preferred cabinets with showcase and beliefs, to be filled with a set of coffee or tea, a set of porcelain dishes and bottles of liquor aged.


The sofa can be two or even more depending on the size of the room must have the backrest and armrests with rounded tips and feet in wooden possibly covered by the fabric of the sofa, to be possibly leather or suede. Must be arranged frontally, and the center should be combined with a heavy carpet designed, burgundy or brown, and a coffee table. If you want to add cushions, must be of the same color as the sofa or a matching color, designs and gilded edges and rounded shapes. It may also make the armchairs of a color equal to that of the sofas, and should be placed in a position such as to favor the conversation with the people sitting on the sofa. If there is a fireplace, armchairs and sofas should be placed close to it.

At this point, you need to match the marquees elegant to the color of the walls. The walls usually are not to be painted, but should be covered with the classic paper by walls, of a warm color such as beige, possibly with some polishing or brown edge, and consequently the awnings must be matched to these colors. The lamps shall be metal worked very dark in color (bronze) with the wood finish. Finally you will also put a television, the important that it is black in color, and which is recessed in a cabinet suitable. All this will make your stay very classic and important.