The decor of the living room becomes more problematic, because it is often the room that is reserved for moments of relaxation or for the reception of guests. A static furniture and protracted can make us lose interest in making the room look dull moments spent inside. Compared to the past, it is good that the habits they are as varied as furnishing textiles. You can change the look to any room by just changing towels, rugs doilies and a few more details. In the market, there are hundreds of combinations of colors, shapes, fabrics and styles that meet all budgets, there is no need, in fact, plan a weight change that too economically. Let us try, then, to change the look of our living room inspiration from the current season, we learn together, how to decorate this room with the colors of autumn.


For a radical makeover could even think to whitewash the walls, in order to do so, one should not really rely on professionals, just have a little ‘experience with DIY. Do Not Start for a job, too long even just paint a single wall, the more freedom or the one that hosts the couch. The colors that are, we have to manipulate brown, beige, red, yellow and orange. We choose the primary color of the wall on which we will perform the stencil in contrast. For example, a red wall, maybe decoratacon of stencil wall or tree leaves. The current trend is to radiocarbon on contrasting colors net and uniform, in this case requires two adjacent walls to be painted, and the color debase of one will be used for the details of the other and vice versa as can see in this image.

Fixed the wall, we can take care of the rest of the furniture. Think of the curtains of the windows or balconies, the carpets to the doilies and the lining of the sofa we make sure that they agree with each other in the fabrics and color contrasts, the ideal would be to choose the coarse fabrics, which give a sense of rustic if the furniture have a modern and linear, if the furniture is very classic and worked, it would be better to lighten the environment by opting for sheer fabrics and impalpable. On the couch we put three or four pillows to be placed alternately in order to give color. For example, if we choose a brown lining, pillows can be beige, orange and brown.

You can also create a framework “in season” in a very short time, which will give a very particular to your living room . A few weeks before you go to collect leaves from variegated colors and different sizes, let them dry for a few days, or if you have the dryer proceed immediately, but do not dry them too much otherwise it will break. Once dry, take a blank canvas the size you want (if you want to use it on the couch choose one long rectangular centering on it), and then attached the leaves with the glue , creating a carpet and superimposing them properly so as not to leave spaces. Let dry, and proceed by giving several coats of clear polyurethane spray or paint finish , better to fix and prevent it from coming off the canvas .