Nowadays living of homes have floor plans are very different than those of a few years ago and even smaller space even if the housing needs have remained almost unchanged. That’s why you need to furnish your living in the best of ways to take advantage of the available space to the fullest and make the multifunctional environment.

The furniture in modern style is the one that best suits living because coniugala functionality to aesthetics. In fact, the contemporary furniture is specially designed to fulfill a practical function in the first precise. You can choose furniture with simple shapes that take advantage of the space in height rather than in width in order to obtain a place to place a chair or a sofa and a long rectangular table but not well developed in width. If you are struggling with an open space in which it is planned to coexistence of the kitchen and the living can eliminate the double table arranging only a very large one that can be used to prepare food, to eat or to endorse any soft drink or snack while watching TV comfortably seated.


In buying a sofa is better to choose one that can be transformed into a bed to accommodate unexpected guests for the night without having to disrupt the arrangement of the rooms. If the environment is very small to furnish the dark colors are prohibited while you can use all the shades lighter than for a visual effect tend to enlarge the living area. The carpets are not recommended because in addition to being a reservoir for germs, help to visually reduce the space creating an unpleasant effect.

In the living room you can not miss a library large enough to accommodate the entire collection of books you have at home You can even use it to divide the space between the area used as an office or studio and one dedicated to relax more and if the space available to let you do it. When you choose a low cabinet suitable to hold up the TV pick one that has doors sliding to minimize the space of clutter and make more space for the living Finally decorate the walls it is better to avoid small photo size or a multitude of paintings that have little to do with each other But you can choose a single photo very big to frame and hang on the wall most of all unguarded.