The reading room is the space of our house where we can relax and dedicate ourselves to this exciting activity . Create the right atmosphere and set up in a comfortable environment that will make reading a moment of well-being indispensable . Here are some tips on how to decorate this room to turn it into a cozy and intimate .

The reading room is the dream of all fans of the books, where to collect all volumes and you can spend pleasant hours quiet. Simply reserve a small room in the house to set up a personal library and make reading even more interesting. Create a space defined for this purpose is essential: here we can relax without being disturbed and we can focus more easily on the study. So let me offer a room to be used for this purpose, possibly in the quietest part of the house where there is less noise. If our house has a small space we create a reading corner using a screen or maybe just moving the furniture : just move the library with the long side toward the center of the room to divide the environment.


The tranquility and silence are the fundamental characteristics of the reading room. To facilitate the isolation from the noise we choose doors and windows, especially insulation, such as the double-glazed windows, which will also be useful for thermal insulation. The plasterboard will be useful to improve the sound insulation of the space. Even the light is an essential factor: the location for reading must be close to the window to take advantage of natural lighting. We use, efficient lamps to be placed in different points in the room to read without straining your eyes and to more easily find the volumes.

In our library staff can not miss a large library in which to store all of our books, so arranged as to more easily find each title. Depending on the size of the shelf, we can combine a convenient ladder to reach the most of every shelf. A reading chair is the other key element, we choose a model that is comfortable to stand and face the best our spine. A floor lamp to match will be crucial to have the right light, plus a coffee table will be useful to support all the required objects from the cup to the glasses. If we have enough space we can also add a desk or a desk to write and consult more volumes in comfort.

Some details can improve our reading room, both practically and aesthetically. In this room we stand still for most of the time, so a good heating system or a small heater for winter can not miss. A soft carpet will not only decorative, but great for keeping your feet warm. If space is particularly tight choose dark or light colors for walls and furnishings, in this way the light will be reflected easily and be less tiring to read. Color therapy also suggests how the yellow color suitable for the study, so we can choose it as the color of the walls or in some details.