Who loves his own house one ethnic style, often thought to decorate various rooms recreating the colors and atmospheres of other countries, even if only to remind you of a journey or a country where dreams of going on vacation. If you do not want to repeat the same style throughout the house, you can also decorate a single room. In the next steps we will see how to decorate a room in the Indian style .

To be able to recreate the colors and atmosphere of India we must begin with the right color on the walls. For this reason, if the walls of the room you want to decorate Indian style are not a warm color , tinting is the case of choosing one of the many shades of yellow or orange, or moving towards the muted tones that recall the color of the sand and of the earth, such as beige or terracotta color .

Finding Indian style furniture has become an easy task: there are many retailers that offer ethnic furniture. Those Indian style are made ​​primarily in wood and in particular in teak wood which, besides being beautiful to look at, proves to be extremely durable essence. The Indian style furniture usually have the inlays or are decorated with depictions of the fascinating able to compensate for the linear forms. You can find beautiful drawers and closets, the doors inlaid or painted. The Indian style furniture can also be made ​​using bamboo, or by using the woven fibers such as rattan, wicker or the rush. To furnish a room you can choose a bed that combines teak and bamboo , with simple lines and classic but from the ethnic style .


The tents are an important piece of furniture: to create the right atmosphere is good to choose for one Indian style curtains in warm and bright colors Another element that will help you to decorate the room are the carpets and lamps Indian. There is also a series of articles of furniture that will help you recreate the Indian style, you can buy the ornaments made ​​in India, are easily found in any store that sells ethnic furnishings The most classic the elephant ornament is carved in wood or made ​​of metal not forget the pillows: choose those made ​​with fabrics work playing on shades of orange In this way you will have recreated a piece of India.