For a romantic dinner or for important guests, decorate a table must always be impeccable giving a touch of style and elegance with the use of flowers . Be careful however not to transform the environment in a sort of mess colored and scented too, impractical and uncomfortable to talk. Following simple guidelines can perfectly adorn your table with flowers and make a beautiful picture .

First choose the flowers that give off a strong smell, may have a negative impact, consider the presence of individuals with allergies to pollen , certainly if you have invited to dinner or lunch suffering will not have been a great idea to decorate the table with the flowers, mostly touch you, of course, clean up everything and to ventilate the room thoroughly before proceeding with the culinary courses.

Keep in mind two fundamental factors, the shape of the decorate a table and space, in order to avoid creating imbalance with the environment and obstruct your view among the participants, like best compositions low in the central areas of the table, and compositions for high ends. In addition, for small spaces and rectangular tables you can create a single central flower arrangement or two compositions medium – small size to be positioned centrally in each one half of the table . If, however, the table is impressive, space sufficient enough and the circular table, you can create floral arrangements medium – large to be placed one every 3 seats.


The combination of colors is also very important and should not be underestimated, choose flowers that can match the tablecloths or that recall the characteristic pattern of a set of dishes or glasses, in case this would be too difficult, you can choose from flowers neutral colors that combine easily with everything such as daisies, calla lilies and Remember, however, to leave space for the flowers that you need to position the last moment to keep them as fresh as possible.

The time is important, in fact, you can try your hand at creating artistic floral arrangements or you can adorn your table quickly and easily: just take the petals of the flowers and distribute them directly on the tablecloth only on the central area of the table, you end up with a dusting of glitter and place a few small candle, the glitter reflected in the light of the candle and glasses on the glass of the petals together and create an elegant and romantic.

Always economising on the timing, you can place the flowers impressive ( no more than one or two) in small glass cups previously filled with water and slices of lemon or orange, now placed under each a mirror, it will give the effect of size and bulkiness of the table , as well as a thousand shades of color, good idea also to achieve the original placeholder.