Furnish the corner laundry with style and wit is essential for those who wish to make this environment with solutions as those adopted to furnish the other corners of the house such as the bathroom or kitchen. In general, the elements necessary to constitute this environment are the washing machine and wash house, accompanied by other items organized and arranged according to the space that you have available. Let’s see how to decorate a utility room in case it has at its disposal a large space and in the opposite case.

If we have a room available that we can use as a laundry solution we were available many, the idea is to create an Furnishing consists of a series of modular furniture in modern style and once you have chosen the color or the combination of colors that we like to choose the pieces, including those proposed by the furniture store, there may be more useful in order to create an environment compact and spacious but with everything you need to wash and iron. In the case of a great environment we can place two modular units, side by side, which will present the washing machine, we can choose to leave in plain sight or hidden from the doors of the cabinet, and the wash, which is generally sold complete a cabinet underneath to store any dryer and detergents.


In addition to these elements can insert at the front wall or adjacent to, a real unity cabinet with sliding doors in which we can insert the iron with its axis, the laundry basket to wash and possibly a coat hanger and drawers to store of the ironed linen. If you do not have available space for the angler laundry idea could be to obtain it in a portion of a veranda, if you own, closing the environment with a sliding door (to save space) made ​​of the same material which consists of the same verandah.

In this case you can use the same criterion used to decorate a wide angle of laundry , buying furniture units designed, however, for smaller environments, you can find washing machines on the market that have thicknesses reduced and to gain additional space can be replace the drive cabinet with a small cabinet raised above the floor for easy cleaning. The part of the porch used to laundry corner is an advantageous solution also for the fact that, being equipped with windows, allows you to iron in the same environment.