To furnish in an optimal way with beech wood, it is essential to be able to play with colors with shades of wood . One of the most simple in decorating their homes with beech wood, is perfect in the assembly of individual pieces of furniture and furnishings that most prefer, the most difficult aspect, however, concerns the coordination of furniture, which must be completely in harmony and in harmony. In the guide to follow you will find several useful tips on how to decorate with beech wood.

For a perfect furniture, furniture, large must have the same tone of wood (this allows you to provide a clear line and a linear style in the combination of colors). The furnishing (for example: sofas, armchairs and tables) must have a wood finish by mid-tone colors, while lighter tones are recommended for small accessories (frames and lamps).


Use different types of wood in the rooms (it is important not to use a single tone for the main pieces of furniture), for example, if you have two connecting rooms, one with sedateness colored veins and the other in contrast with dark veins; merge these two shades of wood together and add accessories in every room, in order to characterize the tone of the wood prominent of the other room.

Place the furniture with dark tones on one side of the room and an entry made ​​of lighter tones on the other side. Coordinate the upholstery of the house simulating the grain of the wood of the furniture. Buy a belief in beech wood, light and airy, place it in the dining room and bar with dark furnishings (such as ottomans and chairs), which must be covered with a warm yellowish brown, to mimic the shades of belief.

Balanced combining the different shades of wood tones in a different way, and if you have colored coatings, or discordant kinds of decorations, stick to a limited palette of shades of colors (always keep the dark colors as a base). For any successful design with contrasting wood tones are vital, if the flooring looks dark, you may want to put at the center of the room is a dining table low light in color and contrasting the result will be very rewarding.