The ceramic is a durable and versatile , perfect for both homes with a classic design that for homes with a contemporary decor and avant-garde. Let’s see some ideas on how to decorate with ceramics, using it to decorate walls , but also for furniture and sanitary.

The pottery is made ​​by combining inorganic compounds of various kinds, so we can obtain, by varying these elements, materials with very different and specific characteristics such as terracotta, stoneware and porcelain. The ceramic is commonly used to make tiles for covering walls and flooring, of which there are different types , they are perfect for wet environments. Those in single-fired are very durable and suitable for flooring, while those to have a double-fired glazed surface, are more fragile and are used for coating walls. For floors, both internal and external, we can choose porcelain tile, which can have a smooth or polished depending on the process, or the clinker and terracotta, from the typical red color. The tiles vary according to the shape and surface finish, we will arrange the tiles to form simple and squared the same or play with different shades and shapes, including finely crafted items. In contemporary design tiles are processed to give a particular tactile effect or a combination of irregular shapes that make dynamic composition. We choose shades of tone-on-tone approach, or create a contrast using a few bright colors on some areas. It is advisable to use neutral colors for large areas to be covered so as not to overburden the environment.


Ceramic is a classic material for health , easy to clean and maintain over time, resists scratches and water. In addition to the classical models of sinks, bidet and wc can choose more contemporary lines: minimal squared shapes with those curves and full, simply combine elements of the bathroom with a similar design to find the perfect solution. Even in the kitchen we have a wide use of this material, not only for the sink, but also to the shelves and for the walls thanks to a tiling accurate . Depending on the type of finish and color choice we can obtain a more rustic or modern, choose two or three colors to be combined together in a harmonious way.

The vases and ornaments of value are often handmade clay modeling and decorating surfaces with the special paint We make precious the living room with a set of pots from contemporary neutral colors or a set of porcelain for a more vintage. A Chinese pot decorated or rustic terracotta bowls will be essential to give a tone to the environment add creative detail to the tiled wall by installing some painted or molded by hand.