The wood is one of the most precious natural materials in furniture, durable and aesthetically pleasing is definitely one of the best solutions for all types of environment. Let’s see how to decorate with light wood by combining the best colors and decorations to bring out the quality of our furniture in every room.

The tone of the wood can vary from very light shades to dark shades, ranging from pale yellow to dark brown, almost black. The color of the wood surface is related primarily to the type of plant: the type of grain and the natural essence in fact have its own color, which can be more or less clear and more be more yellow or reddish. Among the light woods we have the most common spruce, beech, maple, birch, ash, pine, pine. The shade is also linked to the type of finish: the use of oils or old-style antiqued dark and specific treatments can in fact darken the surface to achieve the desired finish.


The light wood, with veins and knots and is the ideal choice for a rustic and warm. It can be used for different types of furniture, from the table and kitchen cabinets on the bed frame, but also for the handrail on the stairs or as a coating for some walls. To make the house cozy country-style can match the fabrics in pastel shades, avoiding lively contrasts. Some details in metal or wrought iron can make more refined our space: the handles work, for example, will make the most important furniture in light wood. For a rustic effect it is recommended to choose a timber from the subdued yellow, so that the environment will be more bright and friendly.

Wood with light colors combines the best in a home with contemporary and minimal. We choose the essences with a neutral undertone and with the grain just obvious. We put in our living room equipped with a wall hanging wooden blocks, alternating the light wood and painted with other neutral colors. The walls and walls of sofas will match best with tone on tone colors, trying different shades of the same color base. For a more vibrant local we can choose a bright color to create a contrast, such as a green lawn or a red decided.

The light wood floors are very valuable and emphasize the darker furniture. The walls will be white or ivory, but we can experiment with classic neutral colors such as sage green. They match well with dark wall details like exposed brick walls, creating an interesting contrast. If the doors and the window frames are dark wood can be a good idea to combine a light wood floor. The mahogany wood or Wenge with their tone brown / dark red will stand out on the floor perfectly clear, we can approach also addresses the elements light or white (eg shelves or kitchen counter) to create a perfect balance.