There is nothing more beautiful and inspiring that decorate their home, through ideas and original solutions. There are many but one that will make your home even more beautiful could be the choice of mosaics and tiles to give more emphasis on some parts of your home, giving it character and personality . The finishing of the walls of the house can be enhanced by decorative elements such as tiles, suitable especially for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, but also perfect to give a touch of color to the environment . Here are some tips on how to decorate with mosaics and tiles to decorate the walls in a refined and modern. Let’s see how to best proceed through the steps of this guide, which will give you useful tips on the choices to be made.


The tiles are of the modular elements made ​​of different materials, which are used to coat the walls and floors making it waterproof and embroider them with a particular design . We can find on the market tiles to suit every application, for indoor or outdoor, with different finishes and sizes. First of all we can choose between different materials: the classic double-fired ceramic or earthenware and fired, stoneware (resistant and suitable for paving), clinker and terracotta, are distinguished by their strength and porosity. Even the support, the part that is put in pose, is different according to the porosity and color. Then we check with an expert on the characteristics of different types to choose the most suitable to the place where they will be put in the pose. For finishing precious and resistant we can also use the marble tiles tones and natural grain polished.

The tiles made with modern production methods have different types of finish, then we will find not only the classic ones with bright paint, but also other more specific, that mimic stone, wood and metal, with glossy or matte surfaces. We will also choose the shapes suitable to the style of the room: if we want to use the elaborate finishes and reliefs is preferable to use models to showcase the square features. To make more dynamic the surface it may combine together with particular shapes, for example rectangles of various sizes, or with different patterns on the surface creating a particular chromatic effect. Depending on the style of our house we can achieve real own elaborate arabesques, or stay on simpler lines and contemporary. For a modern furniture we use simple lines using one or two colors at most, especially for large areas.