The mosaic has very ancient origins though undergoing some changes over time has maintained the basic characteristics with which he was born many years ago. The art of mosaic uses decorations made ​​with different types of material, glass, stones, bottles and even shells. The mosaics most commonly known are those made ​​with glass pastes suitable to obtain objects furnishing accessories and furniture . But let’s see how to furnish with taste and elegance using the mosaic both in furniture that in furnishing complements .

The technique Decorative of the mosaic provides for the use of small colored tesseral or natural stones, glass pastes and terracotta, an art that has always had a remarkable role in the artistic production, at one time realized for churches and pavements with realizations bi-chromatic in black and black or polychromatic with a lot of cards in gold used to mosaic mural, this fashion is being reintroduced, recently, in the modern furnishings. Marble floors with mosaic inserts are increasingly fashionable, the same goes for the realization of bathrooms with coatings mosaics of various types . In many cases, if not you want to spend too would further build on of tiles already enclosed at the factory, or of fake mosaics equally very beautiful.


As for the furniture , usually with the mosaic we tend to make small or large tables, frames for mirrors, plans covering small furniture, such as chests of drawers bedside tables, door phone, console or similar, and finally the furnishing such as flower vases, jewelry boxes, trays and so on. Although the furniture and accessories in mosaic are veritable works of art if they are made ​​in the traditional way, you should not exceed in, limiting the inclusion in furnishing the house, only a few decorative element.

Even the accessories to decorate bathroom with taste creating a different atmosphere and very elegant, just use a beautiful mirror frame with mosaic and some bathroom accessories such as soap holder and toothbrush, needless to say that the bathrooms made ​​of mosaic tiles is small and medium-sized, have a charm and aesthetic remarkable, the same goes for the spas, Turkish baths and swimming pools located in particular locations.

In trade in the shops of fact or in the web through sales on-line, guests may find different articles of fancy goods and mobilize, realized with this technique, also you are benefiting of bravos artisans and make you realize out of measures furniture, flooring and mosaic walls, finally, if you enjoy the hobby and DIY you, yourself trying to achieve small masterpieces in mosaic tiles starting from simple items such as boxes or small containers, you have to get the necessary material, available in art stores or specialty stores , by purchasing however of the tesseral not expensive, preferably already cut, then once socket the hand you will be able groped to realize of the mosaics of execution more complicated, using glass pastes of quality and by cutting the weave at your leisure.