Today in modern times there is a house without a clock hanging on a wall. The frenetic pace of life and the race against time in life everyday, when you cook, you go out for fun, for work or to go shopping, leads always to throw your eye on the clock at home. The watches are however always been a piece of furniture, beautiful to look at and sometimes spectacular and special type and structure. Let us see how to decorate with wall clocks.

Depending on the type of furniture and the room it is possible to place a wall clock. If the structure is modern, such as that of the living room, a clock from the wall very particular model is definitely one of Murrain glass, multi-color and multi-faceted that they match with the rest of the environment. If the furniture is instead of the classical type, Austrian imperial style, the ideal is to buy a wall clock in the form of frameworks, rectangular, called in slang “Viennese”, realized in the second half of the 800 in gilded wood, with the form of a framework and with frame and mat with a central porcelain dial and ring tone that marks the hours and quarter hours.


The watches are useful items of furniture for the whole house, because even if they can place one in the hall and in particular of linear or with knobs, both of German construction of the ’20s and ’30s known in the jargon as “clocks “. These mechanisms that play every hour and half hour, and have a wooden structure often external quality as oak, beech or walnut. This type of watch may however also be placed in a French style, if you do not intend to purchase some of the latter origin (in truth just as many freestanding walls). One bedroom in general should not be furnished with wall clocks, but, however, it is suitable for anyone, especially if the furniture is styled Louis Philippe or previous periods of French history. In this case it is best to hang on the wall a clock (fine) called in jargon “in the folder” very similar to a wall. Finally, the kitchen, especially if furnished in a rustic style, can accommodate a nice watch wall .

Even in this type of room and furnishings, action can be taken to hanging a wall clock German wood such as we have shown for entry or even a “clock” small, rectangular or square wooden structure with a dark or also wax, so very similar to Earth Popover and Rustic Kitchen If you do not intend to spend a lot or you do not have watches of a certain value or historical significance, You can work in the kitchen with a copper pot upside down with a lot of numbers and hands or colored tiles also easy to accomplish with the DIY or purchased at reasonable prices, souvenir shops or those who specialize in items for the home. The same goes for the other rooms of the house where it lacks the ability to hang on the walls, modern watches, but very elegant which are essential pieces of furniture.