The wrought iron furniture have a particular charm and evocative lead us back to past eras in which the wrought iron, sometimes coupled to wood or bamboo, was used to make beds, bookcases, chairs, lamps and lanterns, sometimes in shapes too coarse, often used for outdoor furniture is back very fashionable in recent years. But let’s see how to decorate with wrought iron furniture.

Currently wrought iron is widely used to create romantic beds, both single and double, and even small libraries, handrails for stairs sometimes much art, outdoor furniture, commonly referred to as garden, but suitable for decorating porches, gazebos and even inputs and stays , given their great elegance and remarkable versatility . The curls and the beating of iron give the furniture a touch of elegance especially in decor is very much appreciated in a classic and modern. Much depends on the basic concept with which it is built the mobile object.


Greatly popular are the chandeliers wrought iron, and sticks to the tents that can often be chosen both in conjunction with each other, and with the furniture. If we opt for a chandelier fitted with romantic and picturesque red roses, floral we can make the same choice for the bed room or the lamp shade that will put it on the bedside table. The choice of wrought iron furniture traces, without a doubt, the trend of furniture in Provençal style, associating curls chisels and meticulous keystrokes, fabrics and decorations typical of this genre , characterized by floral prints and fancy fabrics in colorful squares that trace the natural colors of the earth, brown, yellow, green, and red.

Obviously, whatever the choice made ​​and the environment to be furnished, we will, as always, measure the room and to the verification of the furniture can be inserted in style and size, in the present context.
remember that the sessions wrought iron need of pillows, if the chairs are not equipped with padded seat and that the latter, will be chosen in the colors in which you will set up curtains, carpets and any couches. Try not mix different types of work and opt for the same stylistic choice, both for tables sessions and small bookstores whenever possible.