The Christmas tree to decorate the house for Christmas is a must. Also decorated with the Nativity and we must not forget to decorate tables and doors.

To make your home beautiful and comfortable stay in this upcoming holiday season certainly did not have to spend much money on decorations or be an expert in decoration. The only prescription is to have imagination, good taste and trust the intuition of each. Therefore we will give some tips so that the house is perfect for this Christmas.

The Christmas tree

Where you place the Christmas tree should be spacious, visible and of course where we close a socket to connect. When choosing the lights we must ensure that they are approved and which are appropriate to the voltage of the house, so avoid unnecessary risk of short circuit and fire. These should be placed carefully to avoid damaging them and start from top to bottom, taking into account conveniently distributed throughout the tree and likewise should not be left on all night, preventing them near flammable materials like curtains and fabrics .


Then continue with the decorations and will have the heaviest in the tree and the light should go on the tips of branches. Then distribute them by themes , such as those of the same subject are together. We must enlist the help of children and in this way the tree will have your personal touch. You have to use creativity and imagination as well. At the base should be placed fictitious gifts, wrapped like truth in colorful paper, while in the end you can place a star.

The Birth

Indispensable as decoration for the holidays are devoted to Jesus. The figurines can be purchased or can be made ​​to individual taste with various materials such as mud, clay, clay, wood . In the manger will post to the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph and the Infant Jesus to put on the tip of the star and place it next to the three wise men and the shepherds and various animals. To enhance it will put lights all over it.

Christmas Decoration complementary to the house

But the decor does not stop there, we must create an environment as cozy as home. You can use candles of different colors and sizes to put in key places of the house. One trick to last longer and work, you put them in the freezer a while before turning. You have to decorate the windows and a good help will seek the participation of the younger members of the house. Use drawings made ​​by them on cards, decorate the windows with foam that looks like the snow and the doors of the house can make crowns of different types of grass, artificial fruit or bells. Is any other embellishment that you can think of one.

Do not forget make centerpieces by filling a large bowl with Christmas balls, fruit and natural pine cones, adorning all with colorful ribbons. Similarly adorn the handles of the doors and frames them.Finally we note that apart from the advice we have just indicated, it is good to implement their own ideas, be original, and no doubt the house will be beautiful and welcoming in the next Christmas.