The bright and colorful houses are very inspiring and motivational, and you can implement them using bright colors, which reflect both the natural light and artificial lighting of the room. The colors can be vibrant or subtle. In the steps that follow you will find the guide on how to furnish your home with bright colors.

Use different combinations of colors to look different in every room (colors such as yellow and green denote the sun and grass, while the color cream, peach and pink express femininity). First, choose a color scheme fits, dividing them into a main color and the three most prominent. The colors that work well in bright rooms include yellow, green, orange, blue, pink, peach, lilac and white, these colors can be combined to create a contrast also complementing each other in a more subtle.


Paint the ceiling a neutral color (white) that make you look like the bigger house reflecting light. Paint three walls of a main color and the fourth of a secondary create a feature wall adding interest to the room. Place a large piece of furniture against the wall feature (like the bed or desk ), to attract further attention. The use of sand and paint to color a floor in natural wood (if present), or dispelling white, or you can spice up the floor with a light colored carpet, which will increase the brightness of the room working perfectly with any combination of colors.

Choose light wood furniture (such as maple) and paint some of the pieces with your secondary colors used for the walls. Do not choose dark furniture because it contrasts excessively with the feeling of brightness in the room. Install a light in the center of the ceiling and a lampshade that satisfies both the main and secondary colors. Place a lamp on the desk or on the sideboard and a floor lamp to illuminate dark corners. Hang colorful curtains on the windows or wait to get a more modern look. Complete your decor with furnishings such additional: frames, flower photographs, colorful cushions, mirrors, etc. That will make your home more lively.