This guide explains how to properly decorate your home with plants. In fact, decorate with plants a living room, can make it much more beautiful and modern , because they brighten the room more with their color predominantly green, especially where these are more white furniture. Moreover, some plants also improve the air quality . So I will explain how to arrange them, which ones to keep at home, which have utility and more.

The most recommended places to store large pots containing large plants are the living room, terrace, balcony, corridors and near entrance of your home. First you need to find a corner enlightened enough to store your plant in the living room or other places that I have listed above. But not constantly lit, since the plants that will list are of tropical, that are used in places where the light comes a few times during the day because covered by trees.


The plants that I recommend to put in the corners of the living room are the unused Aglaonema. To put near the table and the chairs the Cathedral. And finally, near the entrance of the house, is a fine Sanserif, together with some ivy and fern, if you like. In the middle of a table or over a few window you can just put a small vase of Chloroform, because this plant is also useful as it helps to eliminate odors naturally. As an alternative to Chloroform, there are also Dracena and Gerbera, who themselves have both the decorative function is the function to improve the quality of air, but unfortunately these are harder to find in smaller jars, to put on tables, cabinets and shelves, etc. Remember that these are tropical plants, so they also need to be watered more often but with a little water, so as to keep the soil moist.

If instead you have a house brightly lit by large windows, you can choose to decorate your kitchen, your balcony, your terrace, your dining room and in the bathroom with colorful plants, which also have flowers, such as orchids, the cyclamen and violet. Near the kitchen window you can, put some herbs like the basil, the rosemary, the sage and lavender. One thing that I do not recommend much, you put too many plants in bedroom, because they consume (even if little) oxygen at night. But if you want to put 2 or 3 medium-sized vessels in the bedroom, you can put them safely .