Are you thinking of creating a retro decor to give a new atmosphere to your home? To make your house look with a real retro style you should consider the following steps: 1. Time when want to rely Within the “retro” may have different styles. Choose yours! 2. Anything goes!. Both decorative objects used by your parents or grandparents bought at flea markets or designer shops. 3. supplements are essential. The detail is that which gives the final touch to the room. And to help a little more.

50’s Decorations: nostalgia for the defunct after the monotony of European conflicts, the spirits are released and consumption is, as that progress. The postwar period has witnessed the emergence of new plastic materials and the return of cool colors. Inspiration comes more than ever the United States. Objects star : appliances such as refrigerators, toasters or kitchen tables rounded ends. Other objects of the mythical and very representative of those years are radios, black and white tiles,

60’s Decorations: Yeye touch

The 1960 celebrates the insatiability of the baby b or omers . The decor and color experience their release. The prints are bright and the moon, the stars. The blossoms will invade everything and wallpaper covers the objects. The rounded shapes follow fashion . star objects : paintings in the style of Andy Warhol silk screens, lava lamps, chairs ball, wheel chairs, tables, vichy and formica furniture.


70’s Decorations: the force of the disc

in the decade of the seventies, the exuberance is the order of the day. Exploding colors: red, orange, pink, green. Everything is permitted! As for the prints, takes the psychedelic. The walls take bicolor reasons, wallpapers with geometric shapes and the plastic is at all levels. The decoration becomes particularly fun. If you choose this time, there is only an indication to follow: have fun and adopts an attitude of as kitsch . Objects star : the tam-tam stool, mirror ball, rugs and carpets of long strings, plasma lamps, the vinyl ottomans and tables of Plexiglas.

Decor 80s: the era of pop

The year 1980 signifies the return to sobriety. Those born in May 68 and have grown and are more mature. The black and gray tones in the interior again, the colors are still there, but in a less festive trend. On the other hand, the fluorescent make their entrance and straight angular shapes and redefines the surfaces. The sobriety and invade the interior design. Objects star: neon, black leather sofa, the halogens, photos and posters. Where to find retro items? is so trendy that you will find many articles of decoration or any store of accessories for the home. If not, visit the flea markets and antique shops and discover its best pearls. There are markets, such as St-Ouen, France, where there are traders in different periods. The legendary trail of Madrid (as well as those that exist in every Spanish city), is also an ideal place to find retro items or even antiques. where you will surely find decorating ideas for your home. Deco-retro in for good measure! is a fun style and is very fashion, but we recommend that you always be subtle with this type of decoration, because you can fall in recharge. You know that the detail is virtue.